Pharmascept is Latin for "medication observer", and that sums up exactly what it does. Pharmascept records, stores, and audits your controlled medication records. How does it work? Prescribers and clinical staff use Pharmascept to document whenever a medication is ordered, counted, dispensed, received, or wasted. From there, Pharmascept takes over. It performs customizable, automatic audits, and can be set to send alerts to specific users if it finds discrepancies or concerning patterns. All audits are retained in digital form indefinitely, and they can be easily retrieved and printed in order to comply with DEA hard copy record-keeping requirements.

Save money by integrating your existing equipment

Pharmascept takes over the documentation and record-keeping aspect of your controlled medication inventory. You continue to use your existing storage equipment (cabinets, lock-boxes, or secured drawers). Pharmascept can be used from any device with an internet connection. No additional equipment is necessary!

Increase security with optional biometric verification

Some organizations want the peace of mind provided by a layer of biometric security. This can be provided with a small, USB, fingerprint reader attached to a compatible computer. Pharmascept can be configured to require users' fingerprints for counting, dispensing, wasting, and other activities, giving you even more trust that your medication logs are accurate.

Use cases for numerous sectors of healthcare

Emergency medical services
Keeping track of controlled medications in a constantly moving ambulance presents significant challenges. Pharmascept can take the pain out of regular inventory and auditing. Always know which medications are on which ambulances, and be alerted if a count is abnormal.

Doctors' offices
Efficiency is more important than ever in private practice. Large, automated dispensing cabinets are overkill for most practices, and they come with huge price tags. Pharmascept offers a solution for physicians who want improved accountability without hiring any extra staff and without buying extra equipment.

Pain clinics
Pain clinics provide a desperately needed service, and yet they are under intense scrutiny due to the current opioid epidemic. Pharmascept's automated auditing tools allow clinic management to spot patterns before they become problems, increasing patient safety and greatly reducing liability.

Outpatient sedations
Outpatient sedation is becoming increasingly common in dental offices, imaging centers, ophthalmology clinics, and elsewhere. Pharmascept helps these groups continue to offer outpatient options to their patients, while ensuring that controlled medications are appropriately tracked and distributed.