Keeping track of incident responses is one of the most basic functions of any emergency response agency. However, that can be easier said than done for agencies with multiple units responding out of several locations. That's where Incident Manager comes in. Incident Manager is a simple, cloud-based solution that tracks incident data. Users answer a number of agency-defined questions, such as Dispatch Nature, Location, and Responding Units. Incident Manager then automatically assigns a run number and logs the information. Previous incidents can be searched, and statistics can easily be generated based on numerous parameters.

Let the cloud work for you.

Using a cloud-based solution brings you numerous advantages. Users can access Incident Manager and enter new runs from any internet-connected device — at the station, at the hospital, or in their vehicles. Multiple users can use Incident Manager simultaneously. Supervisors can easily keep tabs on the day's activity. And because Incident Manager is hosted in the cloud, there is no hardware or software for you to maintain on site.

Get started today.

Implementing Incident Manager is easy. There is no software to install, and only minimal settings to get up and running. The best part? Incident Manager starts at just $15/month. Reach out to us today to find out more.